In 2013, [BlankNYC] was heading into trade show season with their largest collection yet.  The cult womens denim brand had a strong range, but felt their traditional white-walled trade show exhibit was holding them back from portraying the brand's true NYC born and raised identity.

For Coterie and Intermezzo 2013 international trade shows we developed a custom denim experience to meet [BlankNYC]'s aesthetic and functional needs.  Taking inspiration from the raw atmosphere of New York City streets, we created a space that felt as though you were downtown in the LES of Manhattan.  'POST NO BILLS' did not apply as look book images were blown up, shredded and wheat-pasted onto walls, while perforated metal was illuminated by white neon lights.  Simple, white powder-coated steel tables added a clean finish to the utilitarian space.

The exhibit buzz created among international buyers led to one of [BlankNYC]'s most successful trade show seasons.

ROLE: Creative Direction

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